Wednesday, 17 April 2013

O for Ormerod

Jan Ormerod is the second illustrator I have come across this month who sadly died earlier this year. 'Sunshine' is the book that brought her to public notice back in 1981. It is very typical of her style of very simple pictures of everyday life. This one is apparently based on her own daughter and follows a little girl as she gets ready for her day. Wordless books are so nice because as a parent you just sit and talk about the pictures, pointing things out, comparing experiences, telling a story that can be improvised and changed each time. They are pitched more at children just learning to talk because they love to be able to name all the familiar things in the story and it encourages them to describe things with increasing fluency as time goes by. They are very much books to be lingered over. It's pretty self-explanatory, enjoy:

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  1. In spite of the fact that your list is making me rather sad and nostalgic ( a normal state these days) I am enjoying your list. But Jan Ormorod is the first time I have thought, "I must get that for A." :-)

  2. Of course, that is because we already have lots of the others. :-)

    1. What beautiful illustrations. I had never heard of her. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful illustrations :)


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