Tuesday, 30 April 2013


Today is the final post in the A to Z Challenge. My Z post is for zzzzzz and these are books that send me to sleep.

We had a couple of the original Rev. W. Awdry 'Thomas the Tank Engine' books when Lewis was a toddler. They are just plain awful. I gave them away and swore I would never read them again.
Similarly Postman Pat, trite and unreadable. I dislike them on a second front these days because of small children (and grown men) calling 'Hey Postman Pat' at me and for the terrible, inaccurate impression they give of being a postie.
We had a boxed set of Beatrix Potter books given to us by the great-grandparents. I might have tried to read Peter Rabbit once but never again. They come from an era when the view of children and childhood was so different. The children very much enjoyed carrying them around in the little box that had a handle but they were a huge pain and I spent far too much time having to put them away again.

However ... on the subject of going to sleep and discussing this post with Creature this morning she told me about a much more fun and much more inappropriate bedtime story book, and it seems like a good way to end the month. It is called 'Go the Fuck to Sleep' by Adam Mansbach, illustrated by Ricardo Cort├ęs. I think that this is a book for the parents to share with each other and I doubt if anyone is buying it to read to their children.
Here is the book read by Samuel L. Jackson, excuse the poor sound quality and he does chat for the first couple of minutes.

I hope everyone participating and visiting had enjoyed the A to Z challenge, it has been a lovely month of nostalgia for me. Thanks to all my visitors and commenters, and the new followers, I hope you stick around and read the more grown up book reviews to come.


  1. It was a wonderful romp through some not so new and then some new to me books. I am so with you on Thomas, sadly for me my boys loved them to bits and I can almost recite the damn things we have read them so often.

  2. I love the "Go the Fuck to Sleep"!! Hilarious!! Well done you for completing this A-Z challenge!! Take care


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