Sunday 10 April 2022

H is for Hair (pink)

My kids have dyed their hair since teenagerhood. I had always kind of wanted to but was anxious about the process of having to bleach it, and the potential, however small, that it might all fall out. Then a friend of Monkey's gave me the idea to just dye a small lock of hair, underneath at the nape of my neck so that the roots did not really show as it grew out, which is what I did back in 2016.
Then during the pandemic, in May 2020, I finally took the plunge and did the whole lot. It has given me much joy. When I catch sight of the pink in the corner of my eye, or my reflection, it always lifts my mood.
I had it rainbow for a while too and it is now very grown out and in need of a refresh.
I have yet to persuade Dunk that it would be fun to dye his.

Linking back to the A to Z Challenge.
Stay safe. Be kind. Love your hair, whatever the colour.


  1. Pretty! I stopped coloring my hair three years ago and let it be silver. I put a little Manic Panic ultra violet temporary dye in with some conditioner to brighten the silver. Sometimes, I get the ratio wrong and end up with lavender hair, and I don't hate it. It washes with the next shampoo, but it's fun for a few days!

  2. I like your pink hair. I've never been brave enough to try fun colors on mine.

  3. Yes ur pink hair does look very cool. I dyed once burgundy shade and loved it


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