Monday 24 April 2023

T is for Tregothnan

The Tregothnan estate in Cornwall first grew Camellia bushes 200 years ago, and in 1999 the first Camellia sinensis plants were grown that produced the first tea crop in 2005. The tea they sell is very (very) expensive, but for my birthday Dunk bought me a tea bush; it doesn't look like much but in 5-10 years of careful tending and pruning I will have my own home-grown tea:
The aim is for a bush with a wide flat top because you pluck the top pair of leaves and the bud from each stem. The leaves then have to be withered, rolled, oxidised and dried before being brewed into a fine cup of tea. This feels like the ultimate long term plan, but then gardening always has its eyes on the future, with much care and devotion before the reward. I can't wait to try it.
They also have lovely flowers which I hope will be visited by many Tree Bumblebees.
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#AtoZChallenge 2023 letter T
Stay safe. Be kind. Plan ahead.
(Tulips in the rain, outside the university library)


  1. I had thoughts of growing my own tea but wasn't sure if all camellias would do the job. Anyway, while I was surmising, the bush died, so that was that. We have replacement bushes but they're not doing much, really.


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